1003 Carol Lane
Lafayette, CA 94549
(925) 283-6792

License # 073406651


Days and Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday    7:30 am - 5:00 pm

Ages of Children Accepted for Care
2 to 1st Grade Entry

Our "Littles" Class is for ages 2-3
ur "Bigs" Class is for ages 4-5

Daily Schedule

PDF Version - Daily Schedule for Ages 2-3

PDF Version - Daily Schedule for Ages 4-5


Activity Descriptions

Indoor Free Choice Play Please do not bring any toys from home.  This is a time when children learn valuable life skills such as taking turns, sharing, and cleaning up.  Gives opportunity to use their imagination and develop large muscle coordination.

Outdoor Play Time 
Children learn how to treat others kindly, take turns, and practice safety on the playground.  Children have the opportunity to exercise and develop large muscle coordination.

Music & Movement  Music is used to express emotions and is a source of joy.  We use tapes, CD’s, rhythm instruments, ribbon sticks, singing, clapping, and body movement.

Circle Time  Calendar, Weather Chart, Letters of the week, Numbers of the Week, Sight Words, and Sharing Time

We use a hands-on approach revisiting skills learned in language arts and math.

Math / Science
  We practice recognizing the numbers of the week, counting, and adding.  We work with manipulatives to develop fine motor skills and tactile learning.  Your child will participate in a variety of science experiments, increasing vocabulary and general knowledge.  These activities will encourage curiosity, help the child discover natural laws, and become more aware of his/her surrounding world.

Arts & Crafts  We use a variety of materials so your child may experience the joy of creating by cutting, gluing, coloring, and painting.  Our goal is the process of creating instead of the final product.  Development of fine motor skills.

Story Time  Our theme related books help us to learn rhymes, repetition, sequencing, and valuable reading strategy skills such as predicting, asking questions and comprehension building.

Nap Time
  Mats are available to sleep on in our quiet area any time a child is in need of a rest or a quiet period.  All children will participate in the scheduled nap time.  Those children that are not able to sleep or who wake early will be allowed quiet free choice play.

Quiet Free Choice Play  As children wake from their naps, they can participate in quiet play, reading, coloring, or other free choice activities.

Snack Time and Lunch Time  Life Skills.  Children learn how to use good manners, talk nicely to friends, help the teacher, and clean up.


Lunch Bunch

All students attending lunch bunch must bring their own lunch from home. If a child comes without a lunch, a substitute lunch will be provided by the Center for an additional fee of $5. Substitute lunches will consist of ½ sandwich, fruit and cheese. This service is for missed lunches only and should not be treated as a regular service.


Sample Snack Menu

Snack is served once in the morning and once in the afternoon. All snacks are provided by the Center. Snacks will vary from week to week. The weekly snack menu will be posted on the bulletin board above the sign-in book. A Sample Snack menu is shown below. If your child has any issues with any of the items shown on the weekly menu, please inform the director.

Cold bottled water is available at all times at the Center. No other beverages will be served.

Monday: ½ cup sliced apples, ½ ounce cheddar cheese cubes, and ½ ounce pretzels
Tuesday: ½ banana cut in half, 1 tbsp. peanut butter, and 1 graham cracker
Wednesday: ½ hard boiled egg, ½ cup cherry tomatoes cut in half, and ½ ounce string cheese
Thursday: ½ cup cantaloupe cubed, ¼ cup plain yogurt, and 1/3 cup plain cheerios
Friday: ½ cup cucumbers sliced, ½ ounce cottage cheese, and ½ ounce whole-wheat crackers



The Center uses Houghtin Mifflin curriculum for ages 3 to 1st grade entry. This is the precursor to the Houghtin Mifflin K-5 curriculum used at all Lafayette Elementary Schools. Students will transition comfortably and confidently into Kindergarten having already become familiar with the materials and the style of teaching.

For more information, visit: www.eduplace.com


Parent / Teacher Communication Systems

We have many forms of communicating with the parents. Listed below are a number of ways the teachers, director and parents can be in communication with each other.

1. Initial meeting with parents: Pre-enrollment Conference: When you enroll your child, the director will show you through the Center and answer any questions you may have. You may wish to share concerns about your child with the director, tell what you expect from the program, etc. Please tell us if your child is on medication, behaves in any unusual ways, or has special traits of which the teachers should be aware.

2. Parent-Teacher Conferences: These conferences are very useful for the teacher and the parents. They are a great way to assess how each child is doing in the Center. The conferences are held in the fall and in the spring.

3. Parent Information Board: The parent information board, located on the left wall outside the front door, serves as a place to find valuable information.

4. Weekly Lesson Plan Sheet: Posted in the classroom, describes the art projects, circle-time topics, science activities, and physical activities for the week. The calendar lists the weekly themes.

5. Building Bridges Weekly Blog: Parents sign up with their email address. The blog will contain the latest information about what is happening in the classroom (will include photos!).

6. Parent Notebook: On the sign-in table will be a parent notebook where parents can write notes to the Center regarding child’s schedule, change in pick-up person, or any other information you wish us to know.


Program Pricing