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Positive Behavior Policy:

Our teachers are dedicated to providing a safe learning environment. We believe in rewarding and praising good behavior in order to reinforce it. Negative behavior follows with natural and logical consequences. We have established a few clear and simple rules in the school that will help your child enjoy a security that will enhance his/her learning. These are the rules we expect our preschoolers to live by while at school:

1. Hands (and other body parts, such as feet) are for helping and not hurting.

2. We use words that help others and make others feel good.

3. We ask for things that we need or want in nice ways (using appropriate and polite words) from both teachers and other students.

4. Our feet walk when we are in the classroom.

5. We clean up our toys and other materials when it is time.

6. Toys and materials must be used in appropriate ways. This includes not putting toys or materials in our mouths.

Our teaching staff model these rules.

The following is a list of techniques that our teachers will use to support the boundaries that provide a safe and fun learning environment. Each of these steps is used only when the preceding steps have not been effective.

1. The child will be asked to stop their inappropriate behavior and will be reminded of the classroom rules. Also, when possible, the child will be given some suggestions of other ways the situation might be dealt with, such as waiting his/her turn or asking to use a toy instead of grabbing it.

2. The child will be removed from the area he/she is playing or working in and redirected to another activity (if possible).

3. The child will be separated from the group in a time out chair for no more than 1 minute per year of age. During this time, he/she will again be reminded of our rules and encouraged to use better behavior.

4. A note or phone call to the parents will be made if the above procedures are not effective in order to inform the parents and enlist their assistance in helping the child understand what behavior is expected at school.

5. If an ongoing problem develops, a conference will be scheduled with the parents to develop a more specific discipline plan for the child. If an agreement cannot be reached, the child’s enrollment will be cancelled. Please see our refund policies.

These are the techniques our teachers will not use:

All staff is forbidden from using any corporal punishment. Some examples are spanking, slapping, tapping, pulling ears, arms or hair, pinching, tugging an arm. In addition, children will not be humiliated, ridiculed, threatened, mentally abused, nor will there be interference with toileting, sleeping, or eating. There will be no withholding of shelter, clothing, medication, or other aids to physical functioning.



Please do not bring your child to school if he/she is displaying sickness or has a fever. Please respect the staffs’ judgment when they determine that a child should not attend because of sickness. These limits are designed to help sick children recover and to avoid the spread of disease. Listlessness, diarrhea, fever, or crankiness may all be symptoms of illness, and it is our policy to isolate children showing such symptoms. Parents, or persons named on emergency contact form, need to pick up their child promptly if he/she is ill.

If your child becomes ill at the Center
If the child becomes sick while at Building Bridges, the child will be isolated from the other children and the parent, or persons named on emergency contact form, will be called immediately to come pick up the child. We must exclude from care at the Center any child:

• who has a reportable illness or condition that is contagious; (Parents must inform us within 24 hours if their child has a contagious disease.)

• with chicken pox until the child is no longer infectious or until the lesions are crusted over;

• who has vomited since arriving that day;

• who has had any abnormally loose stools since arriving that day;

• who has contagious conjunctivitis or pus draining from the eye (pink eye);

• who has a bacterial infection and has not completed 24 hours of antibiotics;

• who has unexplained lethargy and is unable to participate in all the regular activities of the day;

• who has a 100 degree Fahrenheit temperature or above before fever reducing medication is given;

• whose temperature has not been below 100 degrees for 24 hours;

• who has an undiagnosed rash or a rash attributable to a contagious illness or condition;

• who requires more care than the teacher can provide without compromising the health and safety of the other children in care.

Notification of Contagious Reportable Disease
If children are exposed or have a contagious reportable disease, this will be reported to all parents by the director in the form of a sick note.


Medication Policy

Administration of medicine:
The Center must have written permission from the child's parent before administering any medicine, diapering products, sunscreen lotions, and insect repellents.

A. The Center must follow written instructions from a licensed physician or dentist before administering prescription medicine. Medicine with the child's name and current prescription information on the label constitutes instructions.

B. All medicine must be kept in its original container and have a legible label stating the child's name. The medicine must be given only to the child whose name is on the label. The medicine must not be given after an expiration date on the label. Any unused portion will be returned to the child's parent or destroyed.

C. Sunscreen and insect repellents supplied by the Center may be used on more than one child. Any diaper rash ointment and/or pre-moistened commercial wipes must be labeled with the child's name and used only for the individual child whose name is written on the label.

D. Non-prescription medicines, insect repellents, sunscreen lotions, and diaper rash control products do not require a doctor’s note. They do, however, require written permission and instructions for use from the parent. These products will be stored according to directions on the original container and so they are inaccessible to children. They will be administered according to directions on the label.


Late Pick-Up

Tuition increases after a child's scheduled departure time. Please see our current financial policies for late pickup fees.